Our Principals

Mr. Robert Knisely, Principal

"It’s a Great Day to be a Perry Pirate!” What does this mean? Is it a cheesy catch-phrase? Maybe, but it also embodies something else. What we do by reiterating this every day is to remind our students that is truly great to be here and that they are a part of something special. It is the difference between going to school and going to OUR school. This sense of spirit and pride allows our students to be part of something exciting and unique. It creates a culture where staff and students work together to promote our school and ensure its continued improvement.

School spirit and pride build a sense of community within the school. It is important because it sets the tone for all aspects of our school and our students. When students are involved in activities on and off campus, it demonstrates a passion for Perry Pride that is immeasurable and contagious. I believe that school spirit translates into higher expectations of one’s self and surroundings, pushing for positive changes at all levels of our school.

Research shows that students who convey a strong sense of school pride and spirit also have a strong sense of respect and responsibility. Both important characteristics that we strive to teach all of our students. School pride also has a direct impact on students' behavior. The more pride students take in the school, the fewer behavioral issues the school has to deal with which makes it really a “Great day to be a Perry Pirate!”

Mrs. Amy Stavar, Assistant Principal