Teaching and Learning Team

This team provides leadership, professional learning, and classroom coaching for the district’s prioritized practices for teaching and learning. Working alongside school principals as school instructional leaders and guidance counselors, we strive to use academic and wellbeing data to personalize learning for students through opportunities, enrichment, and interventions. Personalizing a student’s learning could include specialized scheduling or credit flexibility, high-interest clubs, service learning, entrepreneurship, career internships, after school supports, College Credit Plus, advanced placement, self-paced instruction, alternative ways for assessment, and other results-driven services for unique learners. We aim to help every student access the Perry Learner Profile and the Perry Culture Playbook on their way to graduation.  We recognize the need and consider it a privilege to prepare students for a readily changing, socially responsible, and global workplace and strive to provide students those opportunities through and beyond the classroom.

Betty Jo Malchesky, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
(440) 259-9200, x.9206

Lori Langan
Administrative Assistant
(440) 259-9200, x.9206


Diane Pietrzak
District Psychologist
Multi-Tiered Intervention Specialist

 Rob Renau
 IT/Data Specialist

Jodi Hicks
Gifted Specialist


Bob Gecewich
Social Emotional Skills Teacher


Lisa Shields
Special Education Director
(440) 259-9200, x.9203

Ann Aucelli 
Student Services Coordinator
(440) 259-9200, x.9216

Christy Patriarca
Literacy/Remote Instruction Specialist


Rita Soeder
Career Exploration Specialist

Jessica Siegel
English Learner Teacher


 Neisha Gonzalez Natal
 EL Educational Associate


 Kali West
 Student/Community Connector, Teacher