A message from Jim Smith, Perry Schools Director of Maintenance & Operations:

Maintenance and Operations strives to ensure that the campus buildings, assets, and equipment are in complete functioning order to provide for a safe, secure, clean and comfortable learning environment for our students, staff and community members. We maintain the 800,000 square foot plus Districts buildings, and nearly 160 acres of grounds and an athletic center. We strive to provide services in a timely fashion, in the most efficient, clean, safe, and professional manner. It is our hope that while we continue to be proactive in the effectuation of required planned capital projects, essential services, predictive and preventative maintenance, that we are also responding to any individual area needs in a timely and professional manner while continuing to improve the District’s operation as a whole.

2023 Asbestos Inspection Management Plan
2023 Plan de gestión de la inspección del amianto

Contact Information

Jim Smith, Director of Maintenance & Operations
(440) 259-9100, x9181

Angela Fuller, Maintenance & Operations Secretary
(440) 259-9100, x9180