The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is comprised of community business leaders representing diverse occupations, and is committed to work in partnership with the Perry Local School District in order to exchange information and ideas, provide advice regarding the school district’s short and long term strategic planning and operations, enhance existing curriculum, and foster support between the school district, businesses, and residents.  

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to strengthen student development and achievement and to enhance the district’s overall operations.  

The primary objectives of the BAC are:

  • to act as a sounding board for specific proposals that Perry Schools are considering or make suggestions to Perry Schools in areas such as Operations and Human Resources
  • to allow community business leaders and school district leadership (BOE and administration) to share ideas and discuss opportunities to enhance school programming
  • to provide input to Perry Schools on such matters as the quality of students graduating from the school and how well the curriculum meets the needs of business
  • to provide a forum where new business and business education ideas and trends are identified and their relevance now and in the future debated
  • to allow businesses to become involved in helping students
  • to provide ideas on new avenues Perry Schools could pursue to obtain funding