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Gifted Identification

Who is Gifted in Ohio by Law and Rule?

The information summarized in this document is based upon Ohio Revised Code 3324.01-07 (law) and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15 (rule).

Children in Ohio are identified in any of the four major categories as summarized in the table below.

Superior Cognitive Ability Score two standard deviations above the mean minus te standard error of measurement on an intelligence tests, perform at or above the 95th percentile on a basic or composite battery of a nationally normed achievement test, or attain an approved score on an above grade-level standardized, nationally normed test.
Specific Academic Ability in a Field Perform at or above the 95th percentile at the national level on a standardized achievement test of specific academic ability in that field. A child may be identified as gifted in more than one specific academic ability field.
Creative Thinking Ability Score one standard deviation above the mean minus the standard error of measurement on an intelligence test and attain a sufficient score, as established by the Department, on a test of creative ability or a checklist of creative behavior.
Visual or Performing Arts Ability Demonstrate to a trained individual, through a display of work, an audition, or other performance or exhibition, superior ability in a visual or performing arts area and attain a sufficient score, as established by the Department, on a checklist of behaviors related to a specific arts area.

In addition to identifying students gifted, the rule and/or law in Ohio provides:

  • Districts must have an identification plan and local board policy approved by ODE;
  • Districts must have regular opportunities for assessment for giftedness based on referrals from teachers, parents or other children;
  • Children who are culturally and linguistically diverse, from low socio-economic status, with disabilities and/or who are limited English proficient must be included in the identification process;
  • Parents must be notified of assessment results;
  • Parents have an opportunity to appeal;
  • Districts must accept assessments given outside the district by trained personnel;
  • Districts must distribute their gifted identification policy to parents.