Career Exploration

We understand that many students are not inspired by grades or test scores alone.  Inspiration and engagement and resiliency come from onboarding onto a path of learning something that brings you joy, connects to your interests, or ignites your emotions such as a social issue.  So we ask students three important questions and help them chase after goals to achieve it: 

  • What makes you happy/brings you joy?
  • What do you do well?
  • What does the world need of you OR How will you use this in the world?

Connecting students to their interests, aptitudes, and critical thinking around the world of work deserves time carved out each day or week for inquiry, career partnerships, exploration, and exhibiting our learning so students uncover their path and answer the questions above for themselves.  When we work to carve out personalized experiences within our courses, students access connections to community resources, connections to critical thinking content and intellectual communication as well as career exploration options to nurture, goal set, and become. 

Helping families support students through exploration of their interests is equally important to our work at Perry.  As a community, we need to understand the multiple and financially different pathways now available to our future workforce of students.  Check out this video The Career Path Less Taken and connect with Guidance Counselors or our Teaching and Learning Team today. TCPLT

Use this link to check out resources featuring career-related videos. These videos serve as resources for students, parents, and teachers interested in exploring new careers.

Career Exploration Newsletters
Winter 2023