District Wellness Contact

Betty Jo Malchesky, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
(440) 259-9200, x9202

Three components of wellness for Perry students and staff

  1. Implement model Tier I (preventions) student assistance programming
  2. Strengthen Tier II (early intervention) and Tier III (individualized, intensive intervention) student supports in classrooms and school-wide to address social-emotional wellbeing and career exploration
  3. Promote mental wellness among school staff by supporting employees, for example:
    • Normalize walks/exercise during lunch or meetings
    • Continue providing staff 24 hours to respond back to families when appropriate
    • Keep meetings timely and opportunities to build/do necessary work
    • Foster gratitude and appreciation throughout the school culture
    • Take time to meditate, do yoga, stretch, or breathing exercises

    Organizational Chart for District Wellness and Mental Wellbeing

Perry students and staff

Everyone Matters

Coping Tips for Adults

The Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR), Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health