Generic "statistics" graphic Middle School

Percent of students enrolled in classes with potential to earn high school credit. 55%
High school credits earned by middle school students. 237
Course offerings in the arts. 13
Hours invested by students for community service. 1,850
Percent of students participating in an extracurricular activity. 62%
Percent of teachers that hold a Master’s Degree or higher. 87%
Number of grant funded programs. 8
Attendance Rate 93.1%


Meet Our Principals:
Mr. Robert Knisely, Principal
Mr. Bob Gecewich, Assistant Principal

School Mascot: Perry Pirate
School Colors: Red and White

HR 7:40-7:44am  
Period 1 7:46-8:34am  
Period 2 8:36-9:24am  
Period 3 9:26-10:14am  
Period 4 10:16-11:04am Gr. 5 Lunch
Period 5 11:06-11:54am Gr. 6 Lunch
Period 6 11:56-12:44pm Gr. 7 Lunch
Period 7 12:46-1:34pm Gr. 8 Lunch
Period 8 1:36-2:24pm