Social-Emotional Help Resources

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Keeping yourself healthy is a vital part of life. Learn how to cope with difficulties and keep yourself mentally and physically sound.

Find a link below to learn more about where help is available or learn more about your own health:

A site for families and friends of alcoholics.

Cope, Care, Deal
A mental health site for teens that deals with caring for your own well being.

An organization dedicated to helping teens with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems.

Eating Disorders
Learn about eating disorders and how to get the help needed to recover.

An online community of people dealing with grief, loss, and suffering.

A mental and physical health guide.

Kid's Health
Health information for kids, parents, and teens.

National Eating Disorders Association
An association dedicated to helping and educating those with eating disorders.

An organization devoted to preventing suicide and treating depression.

Search Institute
Helping families, schools, & communities make the world a better place for kids.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call to get involved or get help.
A suicide awareness, prevention, and support site complete with stories of survivors.

United Way of Lake County
Support for Lake County residents.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention
This site includes organizations in your area that deal with suicide prevention and support.