Career & Technical Information

About the Auburn Career Center

Auburn Career Center is located on Auburn Road in Painesville Township. Its primary function is to provide vocational training to students who wish to learn a skill or trade, which will make them employable upon graduation. Fifteen two-year programs are available for junior and senior school students. In addition, several co-op training programs exist for students desiring on-the-job-training. Tech Prep programs are available in four areas: Allied Health Technology, Electronics Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Multi-Media Technology.

Students enrolled in courses at Auburn may enroll for their required academic classes at Perry High School. They will have four blocks of time to fill here at Perry each year. The exception to this rule would be available to the Cosmetology students only, who would take their academics at Auburn. Bus transportation is provided to Auburn Career Center for all vocational students.

Upon graduation, two-year vocational students are eligible to receive both a diploma from Perry High School and Vocational Skills Certificate from the State of Ohio.

Auburn Career Center’s Enrollment Procedures

  1. Students applying to Auburn Career Center Programs return their completed application to their associate school counselor.
  2. Associate school counselors provide required information in boxed area and attach student’s transcripts and latest report card to application. Associate School Counselor will forward second copy of application to Auburn.
  3. Students applying to College Tech Prep Programs need to show successful completion of Algebra I, junior status and a 2.0 G.PA.
  4. Students are interviewed in January or February at their associate school. 
  5. Students should apply early to be considered for their program choice.
  6. Selection date for oversubscribed programs will be in February. Criteria for selection into oversubscribed programs are attendance, grades, associate school counselor recommendation, and ACC interview.
  7. Students can apply to programs with openings after February. Students applying to filled programs will be placed on a waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be considered for program openings as they occur.

Call us today at (440) 357-7542 to learn how our programs can assist you in planning for your future.

Additional Career Links The Ohio Career Information Systems is an interactive website that students and parents can investigate career options and post high school options. The Ohio Career Development Program website offers background information on the statewide program, Career Development initiatives (Individual Career Plan and Career Passport), and support materials for parents. Association for Career & Technical Education To get the most accurate career specific information visit the U.S. Department of Labor's website. This address will take you to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Careers are listed in alphabetical order or by career clusters. The Ohio Bureau of Employment Services can give you the latest statistics on Ohio job trends.