The Spirit of Gratitude

Dr. George Tarbuck

Dr. George Tarbuck

We have been working with Tom Speaks, founder of the Impact Group, to assist us in taking a deeper look at our communication plan and the message we want to convey about Perry Schools.  In his seminars, Tom reminds us of the positive power that comes from focusing on all the good things that are constantly happening in our schools and in our daily lives.  He also stresses that it is not only the heroic events our staff do every single day like safely transporting students, providing emotional support, supplying a nutritious breakfast/lunch, and transformative teaching that brings the positive power.  It is also all the small stuff people do that make other folks’ day just a little bit brighter that goes a long way to creating a positive caring culture.  Something as simple as saying hello with a smile, allowing someone to pull in front of you in traffic, unjamming the copy machine, or holding a door open is so important for sustaining a positive culture.  Thanks for all the small acts of kindness you do everyday to help others; it matters!

Perry Schools has so many legendary alumni who have modeled this spirit of gratitude, kindness, and appreciation over the years.  One such person was Dr. George Tarbuck, a legendary assistant superintendent who served Perry Local Schools for over 23 years, and continued to serve the school and community after his retirement in 1996.  Sadly, Dr. Tarbuck passed away on February 7th. During his tenure at Perry, he made a lasting and positive impact on the school district and its students. Dr. Tarbuck began his career in Perry Local Schools as the assistant superintendent/curriculum director in 1973.  Dr. Tarbuck was an outstanding instructional leader who focused on improving student achievement and providing a quality learning environment for all students. He worked tirelessly to ensure that every student had access to the necessary resources to succeed, and he was unyielding in his dedication to equity and excellence in education.

During his time at Perry Local Schools, Dr. Tarbuck was instrumental in transforming the district. He was a leader in implementing new curriculum, improving staff development and professional learning opportunities, and utilizing technology to enhance learning and instruction. His commitment to excellence and student achievement earned him the respect of students, staff, and administration. In 1997, the district honored Dr. Tarbuck by renaming the Perry administration and preschool building the Tarbuck Educational and Community Center.

Dr. Trabuck loved his family dearly and was devoted to his faith.  When I recently spoke with his family, it was heartwarming to notice that Dr. Tarbuck passed on his soft spoken conversational style to his son Jeff. Mrs. Tarbuck shared that her husband considered it a “privilege to serve the students and parents of the Perry School District.”  Thank you, Dr. Tarbuck, for being an outstanding educator and providing us with a fine example of what it means to live with great commitment and integrity. You and your contributions to Perry Local Schools will be long remembered and admired.