Marching on in 2021

Marching Band

Perry High School's Marching Band

From the Spring 2021 Perry Way:

Marching On in 2021

I hope you were able to catch a performance from our marching band this fall. If not, I encourage you to go to our archives and check out their show. As we continue to pursue greatness and get better every day, Perry’s outstanding marching band is serving as our guiding light in leading us out of this pandemic. We have committed to do whatever it takes to resume the cherished activities we so dearly missed in 2020. So, like our band, we vow to march on taking what we have learned to ensure we become better versions of ourselves today then we were yesterday. The first mark of our return is the beautiful calendar we were once again able to send to all the homes in our community. Thanks to our Communications Director, Allen Kellogg, for his work putting the 2021-2022 calendar together. Following our theme of Marching On you will see highlights about our band featured each month. WOO!   

  • Innovative work at each of our buildings is again a point of emphasis in 2021. PES launched the Perry Ingenuity Institute where students build their math and language arts skills in a self-paced, small group environment. Students then engage in interest-based design learning projects that allow them to apply their learning. The goal is for this program to expand across the K-4 grade levels. 
  • A group of PMS teachers has emersed themselves in study to build an academy focused on Connected & Authentic Learning (C.A.L.). It will create a pathway for students that provides them an opportunity to fully connect with their learning, through authentic content experiences, collaboration with teacher & peers, and engagement with the greater community. Teachers will continue to work and study throughout this school year and intend to fully launch this program in the fall of 2022. 
  • PHS has been working to provide non-traditional pathways for students that better connect them to the community and provide relevance and meaning. Along with the ever-evolving career exploration opportunities, PHS is currently working to provide pre-apprenticeship programs that will further connect students to potential careers.

Enhancing student learning cannot be maximized without providing additional resources for a safe and updated environment for students. Thanks to the work of Mr. Jim Smith, Director of Maintenance & Grounds, Mrs. Darci Murphy Leskovec, Director of Information Technology, and local safety officers, we have applied for multiple grants to help alleviate the cost of updating our district’s technology infrastructure and surveillance system. Mrs. Murphy Leskovec has also traversed through the meticulous process of getting approved for E-Rate (a program which provides funds to schools and libraries for their telecommunications and internet services, as well as internal connections equipment and basic maintenance costs) to reduce the costs of updating our phone system, which is no longer supported and is approaching end of life. In addition, we have been looking at options to improve our capacity to keep track of students when they enter and exit the high school using the latest technology.

We always want to hear from you, our stakeholders, who are critical to continuous improvement by providing us feedback in areas on which we need to focus. Throughout the year, it is our hope that we hear from you either through surveys, community meetings, committees, or by a personal email or phone call to discuss your experiences with our schools. We know there are areas where we can improve, and we remain committed to engage in this work for as long as it takes. While we may disagree and debate the best pathways to success, we genuinely believe that everyone wants the same outcome: To provide the best services to our students and community as we possibly can.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to this cause. May the future bring you increased happiness and growth. Go Pirates!