Key Communicators Network

The Key Communicator Network was established in the Spring of 2018 to enhance two-way communication between the school district and the community at large. While the network is mainly comprised of leaders in the school, community, government, and religious organizations, it is open to anyone who wishes to join.

The District will provide members with information on various school related topics via email. The information is meant to supplement what is already community wide knowledge. As a Key Communicator, members will be able to accurately disseminate this information to district stakeholders who may not have seen the initial district wide communication, or may help correct any misconceptions regarding that communication. 

Members of the network are asked to provide the district with topics that might require more clarity to our stakeholders. Misperceptions or inaccuracies spreading in the community should be reported to the district as soon as possible.

“Word of mouth” may be one of the most powerful communications tools available. Your participation enhances the district's effectiveness in its use. To join the network, please email Allen Kellogg at Thank you for your support.

Recent Communications