Power Outage Update 2/1/23

This morning, our board of education met in a special meeting for the purpose of approving expenditures related to our recent power issues in our eastern campus (elementary and middle schools).

The source of the outage was located and several 5,000 volt underground feeder cables are being replaced. Two generators, which are utilizing approximately 80 gallons of diesel every hour (40 each), are currenty being used to power this part of our campus.

At 4:30pm today, Wednesday, February 1st, we plan on shutting down these generators in order to transition back to our normal utility power. Power will be down for several hours during this transition and will be ready for our students and staff in the morning.

The board's meeting agenda from this morning can be found here.

Special thanks to our maintenance department staff who have been working around the clock in order to support these repairs. We are fortunate to have their dedication and expertise.