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Perry Local Schools American Rescue Plan
Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

District Policies for Incorporating CDC Mitigation Strategies
Mask Friendly Campus
As of June 3, 2021, the recommendation of the Lake County General Health District permits Perry Local Schools to transition to a mask friendly campus. Masks are welcomed but not required. Should the district need to reinstate universal wearing of masks - see Policy 845.01 - Protective Facial coverings During Pandemic/Epidemic Events. Additionally, all appropriate and necessary accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to the health and safety policies are in place and organized by the office of Special Education.
Physical Distancing
Physical distancing and handwashing expectations are marked in key areas of each school.  
Sanitization and Ventilation
As deemed necessary by the district’s office of Maintenance and Operations, highest quality cleaning and ventilation measures are taken.  
Federal requirement:  Districts and community schools receiving American Rescue Plan funds must publish local “Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plans” by June 24, 2021. Each district and community school should post the plan on its local website and then submit the website address that links directly to the plan to [email protected] by June 24.
Plan to Address Continuity of Academic and Non-Academic Services
Academic Services
Continuity of academic services is data-based and results in MTSS (multi-tiered systems of supports) at each school level.  Benchmark data is used for identifying students for Tier II and III interventions is as follows:
  •  Reading – iREADY universal assessment, DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)
  •  Math – iREADY universal assessment, Aimsweb (Mcomp, Mcap)
  • Writing – Pre/Post assessments in four (4) types of writing:  Narrative, Informational, Argumentative, extended response to demonstrate comprehension of reading and listening communications.
Based on student data results, students identified as below levels in reading, writing, and/or math have differentiated, needs
based intervention with explicit teaching and modeling necessary for learning.
  • Tier II intervention occurs in the general education classroom 3-5 days per week. 
  • Tier III intervention occurs daily (or as the frequency is prescribed in the student’s intervention plan). 
  • SummerSTRETCH programming provides at-risk students access to year-long academic support in partnership with parents (June-July-August).

Continuity of social-emotional learning (SEL) services is data based and results in MTSS (multi-tiered systems of supports) at each school level. The beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes within the district’s Culture Playbook is the foundation for social-emotional teaching and learning. We believe that each person is on a pathway of becoming the best versions of themselves, and it is our vision students leave Perry inspired, engaged, and ready for life.  Benchmark data used for identifying students for Tier II and Tier III interventions in areas of social-emotional competencies is as follows:
  • Fall/Spring benchmark student survey:  (1) Rigorous expectations, (2) School climate, (3) Sense of belonging, (4) Emotional regulation, (5) Positive feelings, (6) Social awareness, (7) Supportive relationships
  • Check-in Guidance meetings with students
  • School Guidance programming
Whereas, all teaching staff are trained in trauma-responsive care or has access to a district specialist in these areas of care, students with significant needs (based on the data collected above) may be identified for a SEL/Behavioral therapy in partnership with parents.
Mental Health 
See Social Emotional (above). Perry Local Schools is equipped with weekly access to community mental health agencies and clinicians working in our schools weekly. It is also probable that such services involve the family in full family therapies through partnerships with county mental health services.
The mandatory order for schools reporting positive COVID students/staff to the LCGHD is still in effect until revised or rescinded as long as there are students on campus whether the student is in sports, summer school, on field trips, or any other activities on campus. You can find the order 
HERE. Written notification of COVID positive cases will continue to be sent to parents, guardians, and staff members. Contact tracing will occur in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the District Nurse and state/local health departments. Vaccinations and screening testing for COVID-19 are accessible and free at community health agencies as well as local pharmacies. All staff and eligible students have had free access to vaccinations.  
The district will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch for the ‘21-’22 school year in compliance with all state and local requirements. The District remains committed to its collaboration with Perry Senior Center and Perry Service Learning (PSL) to provide nutritious food backpacks
(Pirate Packs) for dinners and/or weekend nutrition.  
Periodic Review
Perry Local Schools will utilize three systems of district teams to conduct a review of this plan bi-annually to include:  (1) The District Teacher Leader Team, (2) The District Wellness Team, and (3) The Instruction and Wellness Board Committee. One or more of these systems include students, parents, teachers, principals, district administration and Board of Education members. Continual improvement actions and necessary revisions will take place throughout the implementation/review process.  
Public Input
Public input will continue to be collected via electronic survey and emailed to parents and/or students.  Public feedback is taken into account when making revisions to our plan, as long as that input follows the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio and our local Lake County Health District. Feedback processes from the 2020 – 2021 school year included:
March - May 2020 - Feedback Fridays where every Friday electronic surveys were collected from K-12 parents and students on adjustments needed for effective remote learning.  Adjustments made.
June 2020 - Parent feedback on selecting remote learning or on-campus learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Revisions included the redistribution of staff to account for remote only teaching needs versus on-campus teaching job assignments to serve 164 remote learners and 1,356 on campus remote learning requests by families.
August 2020 - Remote Learning 2.0 Family Meeting.
Fall – Winter 2020 - Covid19 Task Force meetings with District Communications Director, Board Members, and Community.  Revisions made per the feedback included:  Designed communication per the governor’s orders. Spoke with legal counsel regarding what we can/should communicate. Planned data sets to be included on a weekly COVID dashboard. Reinstated Tier III academic intervention with the use of learning software in oversight by teachers + 21st CCLC before/after school academic intervention.
March 2021 - Secured anticipated parent requests for Remote Learning 2021-22
June 2021 - Community communication on safety precautions as advised by Lake County General Health District and on-campus learning for all students in 2021-22.  Parents with circumstances for remote learning for a child(ren) need to contact the principal to discuss by June 18.
District Contact:  Dr. BettyJo Malchesky, Assistant Superintendent
Email:   [email protected]  
Phone: 440-259-2900 EXT 9202