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Message from the Superintendent - 4/8/22
Good Afternoon,
The following message was going to be sent to high school students and families, but we feel everyone should be aware of this important information; therefore, we are sharing it with the families of all students.
Jack Thompson, Ed.D.

Students and Families,
We hope everyone had a great spring break and is ready for the final stretch of the school year. The goal is to end the school year on a positive note with the many celebrations and recognition of the accomplishments of our students culminating with the 2022 Commencement Ceremony. Unfortunately, warmer weather in combination with the excitement of the end of a school year can cause students to make poor decisions.  

Recently, we learned of a new popular toy called Gel Blasters.  These toys can look very similar to a gun causing potential risk for those in possession of these toy guns.  In addition, the panic that can be created is a concern.  If your student owns one of these Gel Blasters, please have a conversation about the proper time and place to use these toys.  Gel Blasters should not be on school property.

We trust that together we can make the end of the 2021-2022 school year a positive one where we can reflect and celebrate the many accomplishments.