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Message from the Superintendent - 11/13/20

Good Evening,
We are appreciative of our staff working on the front lines serving our students every day during this pandemic.  As we see alarming numbers of new cases in Lake County, and many of our neighboring districts moving to remote learning, we are justifiably being asked what this means for Perry Schools.  Perry has had a few positive cases that resulted in a significant number of students being quarantined and this is sure to continue.  We persist in monitoring our internal conditions in order to make the best decisions for the well-being of our students and staff.  We will continue to act swiftly to quarantine students who may have been exposed to COVID-19.  Students and staff with possible exposure or showing COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and seek medical clearance prior to returning to school.  
With our Board’s guidance and encouragement, we hired additional staff, adjusted schedules, and made changes to facilitate social distancing and follow safety protocols recommended by the CDC.  The efforts to enhance our safe learning environment have increased our ability to provide as much on-campus learning as possible to best serve our students. The District’s efforts were commended by the Lake County Health Commissioner who expressed his gratitude in this letter.
Even with all of our safety measures and precautions, we will be forced to limit our on-campus activities if we learn that COVID-19 is being transmitted within our buildings or we are unable to safely staff our District.  Our staff continues to prepare for any adjustments we may need to make, including effective remote learning.  At the same time, we encourage families to be flexible and have their contingency plans in place should we need to transition to a 100% remote learning platform.  
We believe that in-person learning is the most effective way for a student to learn and is vital to their well-being. As winter and flu season approach, we must remain vigilant with all of our internal safety procedures. You help us remain open by adhering to the appropriate health protection measures that have been communicated throughout the course of this pandemic including, social distancing, washing hands, wearing two-ply facial coverings, and adhering to gathering orders. Do your part to keep our students, staff, and community safe.
If you have questions regarding our current procedures and protocols, please visit our FAQ page which is continually updated. If you have further concerns, or your student needs additional support either academically or with their mental well-being, please contact your building principal or guidance counselor. Be well and stay safe, Pirates.
Warm regards,
Dr. Jack Thompson
Superintendent, Perry Local Schools

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