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Lake County Joint Financing District Levy (Spring 2020 Perry Way)

While Perry Schools has not had an operating levy since 1976, we are a member of the Joint Financing District, which does have a renewal levy on the March 17th ballot. Formed back in 1990, the Joint Financing District is made up of the Madison, Painesville City, Perry, and Riverside schools allowing neighboring districts to benefit from the high property wealth of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. To accomplish this, a levy that generates approximately $6.7 million was first passed in November of 1990 and has been renewed every five years since. The local revenue that is generated from residents stays with each district. This ensures that Perry schools will always retain 100% of the revenue that our resident taxpayers generate. The tax revenue received from the power plant has always been distributed out to all the joint financing district schools on a per pupil basis, but due to the devaluation of the plant and the changing economic conditions, the revenue will now be distributed based on each member district’s proportionate share of tax valuation. If renewed, Perry Schools will receive approximately $1.1 million annually for the next five years, which is an increase from the $843,158 collected last year, and they levy will NOT increase taxes.

It is also important to understand that, since this levy originated before 2013, it does qualify for rollbacks from the state of Ohio. The rollbacks include a 10% non-business credit and a 2.5% owner occupied credit. In short, to pass a new levy or a replacement levy at the same millage rate in 2020, a homeowner would be required to pay 12.5% more to generate the same revenue.  

The levy was first approved at 4.9 mills and is now collecting at 2.28 mills. Currently, it costs residential taxpayers $69.74/year per $100,000 of valuation according to the Lake County Auditor’s office. The ESC of the Western Reserve, previously known as the Lake County Educational Service Center, serves as the fiscal agent and distributes the proceeds from the levy to each school district. The proceeds received from this levy are used for operations of instructional programs related to English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and other instructional areas. 

I hope this information offers clarity, helping you feel confident as you cast your ballot. Also watch for a levy mailer being sent out soon by the Joint Financing District. Please be sure to vote on March 17th.

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