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What do I do with my chromebook at the end of the school year?

Students will be responsible for the maintenance and care of their chromebook over the summer the same way they are throughout the school year. Any damage or loss of the device will be the responsibility of the student and any repair/replacement fee(s) will be assessed.  If there is an issue with the device during the summer break, please use the Summer Student Technology Repair Request form located on the Student Quick Links webpage of the Perry website.

GRADES 9 – 11
If a student/parent does not wish to retain their chromebook during summer break, the device will be collected by the office staff on June 1st or 2nd.  A Check-In/Return form will be completed for the returned device and stored for the summer.
A donation from the Perry PTA has covered the cost of the 2022 Senior chromebook purchase. Seniors must do the following:
  1. perry-stu accounts will remain active for 60 days after graduation.  After August 1st all perry-stu accounts will be purged from our system. All documents students wish to keep from their perry-stu account must be saved to another account or device.
  2. Chromebooks must be removed from the Perry Local Schools management system.  Seniors can drop their chromebooks off May 13–27, 2022 in the high school office during school hours and will be available for pick up within 48 hours.
NOTE: If you want to keep any Gmails or Google Drive files after graduation, see this link for instructions on how to move those over to a personal Google account. Your Perry Google accounts are deleted after school starts in August 2022.

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