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Standards-Based Learning

Dear Perry Community,

It is with much excitement we share with you information about standards-based learning and our continuous efforts to better serve our students and families at Perry. For six years, our teaching staff and administration have worked to develop the four teaching practices listed below. This work has prepared us to clearly communicate what learning standards students have met and are proficient. We now look forward to the 2018-19 school year where we will provide our most clarified reports on student learning to date.

 Formative Instructional Practices
1. Clear learning standards and expectations for demonstrating learning
2. Aligned assessments in order to give students feedback on what standard is learned/what standard is not yet learned 
3. Student practice, reteaching and frequent feedback
4. Students understand their learning goals and work to get better each day 

Why grade based on standards? Two reasons: (1) clarity on learning and (2) student confidence. 

Clarity - When student progress is reported against the state learning standards, we report student progress more accurately. The results students earn at Perry align and can compare to outside results (state tests, NWEA-MAP, ACT). Having greater clarity on standards students are proficient or not yet proficient, parents can have well informed conversations with students about their learning.

Confidence - Since learning occurs at different levels and rates, we build confidence in our students when our practices make it clear and visible where she/he is in their learning and where to head next in their learning (even the student who is already proficient and ready for advanced instruction).

If you have not already done so, you can build your understanding of standards-based learning in a variety of ways:

If you have questions, please contact the school district directly for accurate information by calling us or a school principal.  

At Perry, we want to provide parents and students timely access to learning progress. A sincere thank you to staff, parents, students, and all our stakeholders for their time and commitment to get us where we are today. We aim to empower every learner to continually improve, get better each day, and become ready for life.


                  Dr. Betty Jo Malchesky                                                                      Dr. Jack Thompson

                  Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment                                             Superintendent

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