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Perry Local

Perry Local Schools
4325 Manchester Road
Perry, OH. 44081
Phone: 440.259.9200
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Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of the Perry Area Joint Economic Development Council, an organization created by Perry Village, North Perry Village, Perry Township, and the Perry School System, is to provide leadership and direction for future economic development. Through cooperation and communication, using sound fiscal and strategic planning, we will maintain our economic base and promote new growth while preserving our rural environment and unique Perry character ans spirit.

Economic Development Councils are provided for under Ohio Revised Code as a way for communities to turn over their economic development activity to a unified organization. Each community must be represented by at least one elected official on the council's board.

Perry Village
Vicky Stevens (2011-2012) 3741 Whistlewood Way, 477-6824 (C), 259-2671 (W)
Rob King (2012-2013) 4175 Call Road, 259-2171 (H), 259-5911 (W), 413-9509 (C)   

Perry Township
Art Zentgraf (2011-2012) 3323 Jens Way, 259-2153 (H)
Rick Amos (2012-2013) 4575 White Angel, 259-2910 (H), 354-5366 (W)  

North Perry Village
Ed Klco (2011-2012) 4449 Lockwood, 259-2713 (W)
Larry Reichard (2012-2013) 2828 Antioch Road, 259-3989 (H) 

Perry Schools
Lew Galante (2011-2012) 4325 Manchester, 259-9200 (W)  
Matt Farrell (2012-2013) 2075 Evergreen, 259-1800 (W)    

Perry Economic Development Council
Wally Siegel (Director) 4525 White Angel Dr., 259-5631(H), 259-5140(W), 478-2578(C) 
Karen Sundy (Assistant) 3551 Main Street, 259-2413(H), 259-5140 (W)