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Perry Local

Perry Local Schools
4325 Manchester Road
Perry, OH. 44081
Phone: 440.259.9200
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Helpful resources for academic, future planning, and social emotional needs.

Three components of wellness for Perry students and staff

  1. Implement model Tier I (preventions) student assistance programming
  2. Strengthen Tier II (early intervention) and Tier III (individualized, intensive intervention) student supports in classrooms and school-wide to address social-emotional wellbeing and career exploration
  3. Promote mental wellness among school staff

Mental Health

There are times when usual coping skills become overwhelmed and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of them. Be sure to access:
District Wellness Contact
Betty Jo Malchesky, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
(440) 259-9200, x9202

Employee Wellness Assistance

Pirate Pedal Program

The Pirate Pedal Program is a student-ran district wellness initiative to GET US MOVING!  Enjoy the sights of Lake Erie and surrounding areas by bike and make your heart healthy.  Each semester an email notice is sent to students and staff to register for a bike – first come, first served.  Then see you at the announced pick-up date, sign a few release papers, and enjoy!