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4325 Manchester Road
Perry, OH. 44081
Phone: 440.259.9200
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Dear Parents/Guardians,


We would like to thank you for making whatever arrangements are necessary to meet your child(ren) in the afternoon as they return home from school.

We understand that even the best of plans may go awry at anytime. Therefore, we are requesting that you make a back-up plan with your child(ren), that in the event you are not there in time for their arrival, they know what to do. Please understand that a bus operator or a transportation supervisor has no authority or legal permission to act as a child care provider, so continuing to ride the bus for the remainder of the bus run beyond their home stop cannot be considered an option. We are required to drop students at their designated location.


Please discuss your back up plan with your child(ren) to ensure that we keep our students safe. Back-up plans might include your child going to a neighbor's or going to a friend’s house to make a phone call. Devise whatever plan with which you are comfortable and communicate this with your child(ren).


Should you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact our department at 259-3005.
The Perry Local Schools Transportation Department
Sheila Dikowicz, Transportation Director
(440) 259-3005, x3006
Linda Kirsch,Transportation Secretary
(440) 259-3005, x3007

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