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Transportation Route Information 2021-2022


Please check your students transportation information in Infinite Campus for stop location and times which will begin Thursday, August 19th refer to photo below to assist in locating Transportation in your students individual record).  Times listed are approximate and are provided as a guideline, please be patient the first couple weeks of school as we finalize route times. Students may be added/removed from the route which will alter times. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or phone 440-259-3005.

For help with your Infinite Campus account, or if you’re new to Infinite Campus, please email your questions to Ann Aucelli at [email protected]  Requests are processed Monday through Friday.  Please allow 24 hours response.

Each student is limited to ONE AM Bus Stop location and ONE PM Bus Stop location for the 20-21 school year. Students must ride their assigned bus to and from school, bus passes will not be issued.

NEW Transportation Guidance for 2021-22

  • Parents should complete a wellness check prior to sending their student(s) to the bus stop each day.  

  • Students will be expected to maintain appropriate physical distancing at the bus stop and while entering/exiting the buildings.

  • Students will be required to wear a face covering while riding the bus.

  • Students will sit two per seat, and sit in their assigned seats. 

  • Students should remain seated and facing forward while riding the bus.

  • Buses will be disinfected as needed following CDC guidelines.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available on buses. 

  • Students will have ONE AM bus stop location and ONE PM bus stop location. No bus passes will be issued, students must ride assigned bus to and from school.

  • PHS/PMS students will not be issued bus passes to ride PES buses home.

Important Safety Information!

Please communicate changes to your child’s transportation by email to: [email protected] or call the Transportation Office at (440) 259-3005. The driver needs to concentrate on driving and safety at the bus stop, and cannot document requests.
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What are the rules for other vehicles near a school bus?

Take a few minutes to review the laws and important information...
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Auburn Career Center Student Transportation Information

Perry High School students who attend Auburn Career Center will receive transportation by school bus daily FROM PHS. On days when PHS is NOT in session and ACC IS in session, we will provide transportation to and from PHS as follows:
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Perry Local Schools Transportation Dept.
3829 Main Street, Perry Ohio
(440) 259-3005
[email protected]
Randy Usher, Director
(440) 259-3005
Linda Kirsch, Secretary
(440) 259-3005