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Perry, OH. 44081
Phone: 440.259.9200
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Superintendent's Spotlight

Working for Our Future 3-10-19

We continue to monitor and advocate for the issues impacting the future of our school district’s financial stability. Now that Governor DeWine has taken office, our focus turns to gaining legislative support to include language in the upcoming budget bill that would ensure our school district remains financially solvent for years to come.
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Standards-Based Grading 11/7/18

This year we began producing videos that discuss various topics related to our District. Our second video for the year is on the topic of Standards-Based Grading.

School Levy? Not Yet! - 10/17/18

Last year, with the announcement that the Perry Nuclear Power Plant filed for bankruptcy and may close, questions arose about the financial condition of our schools and when an operating levy would be put on the ballet. More +

Finance Update 9-10-18

This year we will begin producing a series a videos discussing various topics related to our District. Our hope is that this will provide our stakeholders with accurate information about our schools and our future. The first episode below discusses our current financial condition.

Important Conversations to Have with Your Kids - 4/30/18

May is a wonderful month that gives us the opportunity to attend an abundance of celebrations to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our students.  It is also a special time to see the skills students have developed first hand through performances and displays of their work. More +