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Standards-Based Learning

Standards Based Grading...It's all about LEARNING!

   WHY standards-based learning?   
  • We believe all students can learn; people learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • Most learning weaknesses occur as a result of uncorrected learning (learning that never became proficient).
  • With clear expectations on what is to be learned and plenty of practice and feedback, students build hope and confidence to achieve.
       WHAT is standards-based learning?   
    Standards-based learning means instruction and assessment is focused on helping students demonstrate the course standards.  In 2018-19, student progress will be reported in Infinite Campus by each learning standard for the course in grades K-12.  In grades 5-12, letter grades are assigned for each course.  The grade is the average of each standard taught. 
     HOW do students benefit from standards-based learning? 
  • Parents and students understand what standard is learned/is not yet learned to date. 
  • Descriptive feedback by teachers helps the student understand what needs retaught or practiced in order to be learned. 
  • Practice and tests are organized by objectives so students can answer "How am I doing?" and "Where to next?"
  • Gradebooks are updated in real-time (not at the end of a grading term).
  • Grades are no longer the average of all student work.  Growth and improved learning is valued.  Grades reflect most recent learning on standards.
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