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Perry Foundation

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Perry Graduates received $20,500 in scholarships in 2018
Established in 1936, The Perry Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to enhance the quality of education for graduates of the Perry School District. The Foundation receives funding solely through donations and fundraising. The Foundation works to assist students in their pursuit of personal and academic excellence. Loans and scholarships are awarded to worthy applicants who have exhibited a desire to succeed academically and in recognition of the mission of the Perry School District.

2019 Scholarships

Antalovich Family Scholarship
2 @ $1,000: John Cales, Anna Sorine
Myka Gray & Kayleigh O'Brien "Bound Angels" Memorial Scholarship
2 @ $1,000: Autumn Graham, Makenzie Hacking
R. G. Few Scholarship
1 @ $1,000: Ava Strahan
GIFT ’51 Scholarship
2 @ $3,000: Juilia DiBease, Angela Vicini
Phillip Haskell/Perry Twp. Science, Environmental Science Scholarship
1 @ $1,000: Morgan Scales
Hazel Family Scholarship
4 @ $1,000: Alexander Garrido, Rhiannon Lupton, Morgan Scales, Angela Vicini 
Perry Twp. Social Services, Political Science Scholarship
1 @ $1,000: Lauren Andrikanich
Patty Poling Yankie Scholarship
1 @ $500: Anna Sorine
Brandy Siegel Scholarship
2 @ $1,000: Cameron Rogers, Amanda Schueren 
Linda Spencer Mathematics Scholarship
2 @ $1,500: Olivia Kline, Landen Mayher
Rick Amos
Scott Antalovich
Larry Brainard Jr.
Phil Haskell
Coletta Hazel
Toni Kramer
Mike Patrizi
Tracy Smart
Sara Tackett
Jack Thompson 

Contact Us

The Perry Foundation
P.O. Box 103
Perry, OH 44081
Foundation Secretary 
440-259-9200 x9215