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The Magic of Music in the Perry Schools!

K-4 Music  Mrs. Amanda McMurtrie
Perry Elementary School students participate in a variety of learning activities that develop musical skills, understanding, and appreciation. The curriculum comprises a balanced and sequential program of singing, moving, playing instruments, listening to music, improvising, and composing music. Lessons are designed to develop musical literacy and student understanding of the elements of music through this media. Students use music vocabulary to analyze and describe music that they hear, to make informed evaluations concerning music, and to describe music practices in relation to history and culture and to other curricular disciplines. Students develop an appreciation for music from many cultures, time periods, and genres. The music program in the elementary school provides the foundation for the music program in the middle school. Instructional activities are directed toward achieving the state content and achievement standards. Also, students benefit from an enjoyable communal music experience that prepares them for a lifetime of musical listening and learning. All Perry students will have the opportunity to perform on The Goodwin Theater Stage with their classmates for family and friends each year.

Music Concert Dates

All concerts are listed on the District Calendar and are held in Goodwin Theater.