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Troubleshooting “Power” Issues on Chromebooks

  • Dead Chromebook Battery: the battery can take up to 30 minutes to build a strong enough charge to turn the device on.

  • Chromebook Periodically "Going Dead": it could be going into sleep mode after not being used for several minutes (usually 10 minutes).  Try shutting the lid, wait 10 seconds, open the lid back up, wait another 20 seconds.  The white Chromebook window should then come up.  If the power button is pressed while in sleep mode, the chromebook might be shutting down.

Power Cord Replacement Charges

Prices as of August 2020...
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Perry Local School District Technology

Thanks to the vision, commitment and support from the Perry community, Board of Education and Perry Staff, Perry Local Schools continues to create a collaborative learning environment for all learners.
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Darci Murphy Leskovec
IT Director 
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