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Perry Local Schools
4325 Manchester Road
Perry, OH. 44081
Phone: 440.259.9200
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English Learners

The mission of the Perry Local Schools English Learning Program is to ensure equal access to standards and school success for English learners in the state of Ohio.
Perry Local Schools will provide each English Learner (EL) student with a quality instructional program based on their individual needs.  Emphasis will be placed on providing students with the greatest possible access to the general education curriculum and to provide students access to appropriate English Language instruction that will ensure progress from the student’s current level of proficiency to proficient level of English understanding. Perry Schools wants to encourage parent and family involvement in school and community activities.

EL Tutors

Alexis Orr
(440) 259-9600 x9619
Heather Chinchar
(440) 259-9500 x9553
Maria Cisneros
(440) 259-9600 x9653
[email protected]