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Covid Clinic Procedures

All students, staff, and visitors are NOT to come to school if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of their vaccination status.  Instead, students/visitors should contact the school office with their absence.  Staff should contact their supervisor and place their absence in Frontline/Aesop.

Any staff member who presents or complains of COVID-19 symptoms at school are to contact their supervisor immediately. Any student who presents or complains of any COVID-19 symptoms at school is sent to the clinic for evaluation.  

The following clinic procedures are in place:

  • Symptomatic individuals are to wear a mask in the health clinic.

  • Temperature is taken and COVID-19 Screening Tool is used to help assess the student.

  • If no COVID-19 symptoms are presented or complained of, clinic staff will notify the parent/guardian and the student may return to class. 

  • If only one COVID-19 symptom is presented or complained of, with no known exposure, we will notify the parent/guardian and the student may rest and return to class if feeling better.

  • If a temperature greater than 100 or two or more COVID-19 symptoms are presented or complained of, the student’s parent/guardian will need to pick up them up and:

    • Take a Covid test (PCR or antigen) and return a negative test result, or

    • Return with a statement to return to school by a physician

  • If a staff member presents/complains of any COVID-19 symptom, their principal will be notified. Staff members will be encouraged to notify their health care provider for care and testing. 

According to health/medical experts, the best way to keep our community healthy and our schools open are to follow the following two mitigation methods:

  1. Vaccinate 

  2. Wear a mask

If a student/staff is found to be a direct contact to a COVID positive individual, the district’s Contact Tracing/Quarantine Procedures are followed.

As communicated by the Perry School Board and Administration, our greatest goal is to keep our schools open. The procedures above were developed with this goal in mind.

Should you have any questions, please contact the District Nurses at (440) 259-9500 (ext. 9671 or 9672).