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Registration, Withdrawal & Residency

To register your child for Perry Local Schools, you will need to print the Registration packet using the link provided.  Please fill out the packet as completely as possible.  Please bring your completed packet, with the items listed below, to Perry Board of Education at the Tarbuck Building at 4325 Manchester Road, Perry, OH 44081.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Board of Education at 440-259-9200.  Thank you! 

Perry Local Schools offers Centralized Registration and Withdrawals which are conducted at the Board of Education. You will need to provide a Photo ID for registration and withdrawal.  For withdrawal, please also provide your new contact information, and the name and address of the student's new school. You will be asked to provide this information and fill out paperwork to withdraw the student from the district.

Withdrawal or change in residency outside of Perry Local School District:
We are happy to help you in transitioning to a new town and your
child(ren) to a new school district!

  1. Parents/Guardians withdrawingstudents must provide a Photo ID to the Perry Board of Education Office when filing paperwork.
  2. Complete a Withdrawal Form (available at the Perry Board of Education Office) which serves as a notice to the new school district and a release of school records to your child’s new school.
  3. Parents/Guardians have five (5) days to register child(ren) in the new school district.
Change in Residency/Registration Information within the Perry Local School District: 
Perry Local School District is obligated by policy and procedures to enforce the enrollment parameters set forth below.  Upon registration, parents/guardians are required to sign a "Statement of Understanding” acknowledging that their residence is within North Perry Village, Perry Township or Perry Village, the student being enrolled is not expelled from another school district, all court documents pertaining to custody or residency have been provided, and agreeing to inform the district immediately if any custody or residency changes occur.  Children found to be attending school in defiance of the residency conditions are to be removed from the school district rosters and not to be permitted to continue to attend in the district.  The District reserves the right to charge tuition for student attendance in violation of the residency requirement. 

The laws of the State of Ohio (Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.64, 3313.08, 3319.04, 3327.06) provide that a school age child under the age of 18 years can attend school only in the district in which his/her parent(s) or other court appointed guardian have established legal residence.  Therefore, Perry Local Schools is obligated to educate only students whose parents/guardians have established residency within the borders of Perry Local School District.

In the event that a family would have any changes to custody or residency during the year, the following procedure should be followed: 

Change in custody:
Provide officially signed, date and time-stamped Court Documents to the Board of Education Office.

Change in residency within Perry Local School District:
Anyone proving residency must provide a Photo ID to the Perry Board of Education Office when filing paperwork. 

Resident is required to provide two (2) proofs of residency in any combination of the following forms:
- Real estate tax bill, rental/lease agreement, building permit or real estate document demonstrating residence
- Current Gas, Electric, Water or Sewer Bill
- Current Bank Statement
- Current Voter Registration Card

 If the documents requested above are not available, a Residency Affidavit may be accepted.

Thank you for your help in this matter!  If you have any questions regarding residency or registration procedures, please feel free to contact me using the following contact information. 

Amy Harker
Director of Student of Services